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Filipino is the name of a private Filipino language course under Malso Language inc. We started our first classes in Korea in 2015 and we are running classes continously in both countries. We are offering classes from level 1 to 3 (beginner to low intermediate).




Each class will have max 15 students and we are utilizing the Cappelen’s “På Vei” and “Stein på Stein” book sets as our primary teaching material. Please contact us if you need assistance with ordering.


The courses are intensive and there will be given adequate homework for the students to reach the required competency of the beginner and intermediate levels.


At the end of each level we will administer a level test before taking registrations for the next level.


We do not issue any kind of diploma or certification, the only valid certificate of Norwegian proficiency is your test result from the official language tests held by Skills Norway or Bergenstesten held by Folkeuniversitetet. Both tests are only held in Norway at specific time


We highly suggest using a laptop or a tablet with a stable internet connection for the online class (minimum 1.5 Mbps up and down). We are using the Zoom platform for facilitating the lessons, details on how to install and use the platform will be sent to you once you register


Refund Policy: Registration fee is non-refundable, remainder of course fee is refundable dependent on remaining classes minus 700 PHP in cancellation fee.


Malso Language Ali Salva

Ali Salva

Ali Salva is a Licensed Professional Teacher from the Philippines. She has six-years of teaching experience in various educational settings including International schools and special education classes. She has also handled students from pre-school to high school. She graduated from Far Easter University as a Cum Laude with the degree in Education major in SPED. She has also attended various Teaching trainings and seminars. She currently works as an online tutor for Filipino and foreign students. She enjoys music, going to the beach and volunteering on her free time.

Malso Language Adrian Pantonial

Adrian Pantonial

Adrian Pantonial has been teaching Tagalog to international change-makers since 2005. He is passionate in teaching expats in the Philippines who can make a positive difference in the country. He is a also Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Writer and Editor for both local and foreign book authors who has also been hosting world-class events for 19 years now.

His life story article titled “College Graduate After 17 Years” was featured on Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Magazine last July 2018 on their IT Happened segment.

Adrian is also a certified IELTS and TESOL English Trainer.

As a keynote speaker, his mission is to inspire personal development so that people could have better lives with brighter future against all odds.

Adrian has appeared five times already as a true-to-life drama TV actor for The 700 Club Asia aired over GMA 7.

He is currently taking his Master’s Degree in Educational Management at The National Teachers College.


Filiipno language course is based on similarities with the ”Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” and our level 1 to 3 are structured similarily with A1 to B1. Filiipno language is however unique in the sense that it is mixed with English, our focus is to teach colloquial Filipino and we will choose the English (or in some cases Taglish) word, phrases and even grammatical structures in which they would be the most common over pure Tagalog.

We should also be well within the recommended hours to achieve beginner level proficiency, which is 60-80 hours (homework included) per level. This estimation of time does not take the category of the students in consideration.

For those of you who are registering for level 1, no previous knowledge of Filipino is required, Level 1 is aimed at complete beginners. To register for Level 2 we expect you to pass the Level 1 final test at the end of the semester. See below for chart of what you will learn:

Level 1

  • pronunciation
  • greetings and common expressions
  • all pronouns
  • to go somewhere, to be somewhere (or not)
  • expressing that something exists (or not)
  • to have something (or not)
  • expressing how things are (or not)
  • some adjective intensifiers
  • expressing that something is intended
  • for someone or something
  • basic verbs, vocabulary and sentence
  • patterns
  • polite speech
  • buying something
  • introducing people, pets and things
    days, months, past, future, telling the time
  • giving directions
  • questions
  • expressing likes, dislikes, wants and needs
  • numbers, prices and counting
  • comparing things
  • expressing agreement, doubt, wonder and other emotions or nuances
  • na, pa, naman, pala, yata’ and other enclitic particles
  • cultural insights through situations and dialogues
  • about 30 verbs* 

Level 2

  • verbs, verb affixes and their aspects
    -um-, mag-, ma-, maka-, makapag-, -in, maki-, i-, -an, magpa-, pa-…-in, pa-…-an, ipa-, ipag-, makipag-.
  • Some of these verb affixes have different meanings depending on the verb.
  • complex sentences with clauses
  • more vocabulary and expressions
  • further consolidation of material from Lessons 1–20
  • cultural insights through situations and dialogues
  • over 90 new verbs*

Level 3

  • more verb affixes: ika-, mag-…-an/han, mang- (At this point, you will know how verb affixes and aspects work, and you will be able to learn new ones easily.)
  • recently completed aspect
  • noun affixes
  • adjective affixes
  • ordinal numbers, other number expressions, dates
  • sentence patterns used in written Tagalog and formal spoken Tagalog
    more vocabulary and expressions
  • further consolidation of material from Lessons 1–40
  • cultural insights through situations and dialogues
  • over 55 new verbs*

You will learn over 175 roots combined with various affixes. You will also learn how to use pseudo-verbs; may, mayroon/meron, marami and wala’ (for “to have,” “there is/are/was/were (not)” etc.), and verbless “to be” sentences.


Acceler8, 5th floor of Phinma Plaza 39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Metro Manila.
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We also offer 1-on-1 and pair tutoring to those of you who do not have the opportunity to attend our classes. Estimated time to complete the first level doing tutoring is 15 – 20 hours. There will also be more focus on pronunciation and conversation, utilizing more varied teaching material. We can also customize the material dependant on the student`s needs and wishes.

For more information, exact prices and scheduling, please send an email through the contact form on the contact us page.

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