• Able to carry out basic conversations related to daily surviving skills such as self-introduction, purchasing, ordering food, etc., and understand the contents related to very personal and familiar subjects such as himself/herself, family, hobby, weather and the like.
  • Able to create simple sentences based on a basic vocabulary of approximately 800 words and possess understanding of basic grammar.
  • Able to understand and compose simple and useful sentences related to everyday life.


  • Able to carry out simple conversations related to daily routines such as making phone calls and asking favour, as well as using public facilities in daily life.
  • Able to use about 1,500 to 2,000 vocabulary and understand personal and familiar subjects in certain order, such as paragraphing.
  • Able to use formal expression and informal expression accordingly, respective to the situation.


  • Able to carry out daily routine, with fair use of public facilities and able to socialize without significant difficulty.
  • Able to express or understand social subjects familiar to oneself, as well as specific subjects, based on paragraph.
  • Able to understand and differentiate written language and spoken language based on their distinctive basic characteristics.