Norsk can also assist you with the process of immigrating to Norway. Visa applications, school applications, housing and authorization of education from the Philippines as well as general consultation on living and working in Norway is now an additional service we offer in combination with language courses and tutoring.

Each consultation will be on a case by case basis as educational background and purpose of immigration can vary greatly, if you speak decent English and only want to study in Norway we fully recommend you to do everything by yourself.

The Norwegian embassy in the Philippines should be able to assist with basic visa issues. Please be aware of the following below before contacting us for consultation: has no affiliation with the Norwegian embassy or any other official institution in Norway.

There are no officially accredited standards to Norwegian language proficiency apart from the official language tests held by Skills Norway and Folkeuniversity in Norway.

Spousal visa and their requirements must be submitted through your spouse, this is not something we can help you with. will never endorse a third party for either recruitment or hiring, we have no affiliation with any organizations or individuals recruiting to Norway.