Yunie Kim
24 years old from Seoul, Korea. Lived in the Philippines for 10 years, graduated from De La Salle University Manila, majar in AB Psychology. Studied at Brent International School Manila at High School and achieved IB diploma with Korean High Level. Have participated in several interpretation part time jobs both in Korean and English and taught Korean at church gatherings.

Marius Lee Solum
33 years old from Horten, Norway. Founder of Norsk and Svenska language courses in Seoul and Manila. Lived in Korea for 10 years, graduated from Korea University with a B.A. in international studies and is currently working through his own company as an agent, consultant and event coordinator for Norwegian companies doing business with Korea whilst taking his MBA at Ateneo Graduate School of Business in the Philippines. Previous teaching experience as a Norwegian teacher at public schools in Norway through Skills Norway, has also done private tutoring in both Norwegian and English since 2010 as well as part-time work at English academies.