Norsk is the name of a private Norwegian language course in Manila, Philippines, we started our first classes in Korea in 2015 and we are running classes continously in both countries. We are offering classes from level A1 to B1 (beginner to low intermediate) in Manila.

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Norsk is the name of a private Norwegian language course in Manila, Philippines, we started our first classes in Korea in 2015 and we are running classes continously in both countries. We are offering classes from level A1 to B1 (beginner to low intermediate) in Manila.

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    Each class will have max 15 students and we are utilizing the Cappelen’s “På Vei” and “Stein på Stein” book sets as our primary teaching material. Please contact us if you need assistance with ordering.


    The courses are intensive and there will be given adequate homework for the students to reach the required competency of the beginner and intermediate levels.


    At the end of each level we will administer a level test before taking registrations for the next level.


    We do not issue any kind of diploma or certification, the only valid certificate of Norwegian proficiency is your test result from the official language tests held by Skills Norway or Bergenstesten held by Folkeuniversitetet. Both tests are only held in Norway at specific times.


    We highly suggest using a laptop or a tablet with a stable internet connection for the online class (minimum 1.5 Mbps up and down). We are using the Zoom platform for facilitating the lessons, details on how to install and use the platform will be sent to you once you register


    Refund Policy: Cancellation before third class: 66% of tuition fee to be refunded. Cancellation after third class and before fifth class: 50% tuition fee to be refunded. Cancellation after fifth class: No refund.


    (2000 PHP registration and learning materials fee upon registration, 8,000 tuition fee to be paid 1 week before class)

    10,000 PHP


    (9,000 tuition fee to be paid 1 week before class)

    9,000 PHP


    (Price varies, please contact us.)


    Cato Bjørnbakken
    35 years old from Hamar, Norway. Lived in Philippines for 2 years, currently working as IT-implementation manager and trainer servicing Norwegian companies. Studied early childhood education and worked in both kindergardens and public schools as an assistant teacher focusing on special needs children. Enjoys hanging out with friends, soccer and playing games.

    Peter Christensen
    42 years old from Oslo, Norway. Lived in Philippines for 5 years and studied business administration for his bachelors at Copenhagen Business School. Has a wealth of work experience within different fields in Norway, currently holds the title quality of assurance specialist working with Norwegian companies. Previous teaching experience from training of new employees, the Norwegian army school of officers and private Norwegian tutoring here in the Philippines. Enjoys outdoor activities and sports in his spare time.

    Marius Lee Solum
    33 years old from Horten, Norway. Founder of Norsk and Svenska language courses in Seoul and Manila. Lived in Korea for 10 years, graduated from Korea University with a B.A. in international studies and is currently working through his own company as an agent, consultant and event coordinator for Norwegian companies doing business with Korea whilst taking his MBA at Ateneo Graduate School of Business in the Philippines. Previous teaching experience as a Norwegian teacher at public schools in Norway through Skills Norway, has also done private tutoring in both Norwegian and English since 2010 as well as part-time work at English academies.

    Christian Aasvestad
    26 years old from Bærum, Norway. Lived in Philippines for 3 years, currently working as an expat sales consultant while doing modeling and acting part time. Taught Norwegian privately through the Korean office of Norsk and studied Korean at Korea University. Christian focuses primarily on tutoring and real life contemporary Norwegian. He enjoys studying fintech, meeting friends and working out on his free time.


    Norsk language course is based on the ”Common European Framework of Reference for Languages” and teaching methods from the Official Adult Learning Centre in Norway. Classes will primarily be held in English and Norwegian.

    We should also be well within the recommended hours to achieve beginner level proficiency, which is 60-80 hours (homework included) per level. This estimation of time does not take the category of the students in consideration. Filipino students would mostly fall within what we define as track 2, students with a standard level of education and minimal experiences in learning other languages, and progress is estimated to surpass the general recommended hours.

    For those of you who are registering for level A1, no previous knowledge of Norwegian is required, A1 is aimed at complete beginners. To register for A2 we expect you to pass the A1 final test at the end of the semester. For more information about what the different levels entails please download and read the curriculums below:


    Acceler8, 5th floor of Phinma Plaza 39 Plaza Drive, Rockwell Center, Makati City, Metro Manila.

    5/F Phinma Plaza, Rockwell Center, 39 Plaza Dr, Makati, 1200 Metro Manila, Philippines


    We also offer 1-on-1 and pair tutoring to those of you who do not have the opportunity to attend our classes. Estimated time to complete level A1 doing tutoring is 25 hours or less. There will also be more focus on pronunciation and conversation, utilizing more varied teaching material. We can also customize the material dependant on the student`s needs and wishes.

    For more information, exact prices and scheduling, please send an email through the contact form on the contact us page.

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    Feel free to contact us with any inquiry or intent to set up an appointment through our contact information below:



    Phone Number:
    Korea: +82 10 8680 8027
    Globe: +63 917 170 8450
    Viber: +63 917 170 8450
    Landline: +632 8622 9959