Tobias Kjellgren
39 years old from Sölvesborg, Sweden. Lived in the Philippines for 5 years. Studied Informatics for his bachelors at Lunds University. Has many years of experience from a vast variety of fields in Sweden, and is currently working with IT support solutions Has previous teaching experience from Swedish public schools, training of new employees and company academy work. Enjoys music, sports and outdoor activities on his spare time

Hanna Jensen
26 years old from Åland, Sweden. Lived in Korea for 4 years, currently taking a B.A in Business Administration at Hanyang University. Completed Korean language studies level 7 at Sogang University and has extensive experience in teaching Swedish. Worked as a private Swedish tutor for 3 years in Korea, elementary school teacher in Finland for a semester and been assisting Voice In as a Swedish language expert on various voice reckognition projects. Hanna also enjoys volunteering and has worked for CARE, an adoption center for dogs and cats in Korea.