Ali Salva
Ali Salva is a Licensed Professional Teacher from the Philippines. She has six-years of teaching experience in various educational settings including International schools and special education classes. She has also handled students from pre-school to high school. She graduated from Far Easter University as a Cum Laude with the degree in Education major in SPED. She has also attended various Teaching trainings and seminars. She currently works as an online tutor for Filipino and foreign students. She enjoys music, going to the beach and volunteering on her free time.

Ali Salva

Adrian Pantonial has been teaching Tagalog to international change-makers since 2005. He is passionate in teaching expats in the Philippines who can make a positive difference in the country. He is a also Certified Life Coach and Emotional Intelligence Trainer, Writer and Editor for both local and foreign book authors who has also been hosting world-class events for 19 years now.

His life story article titled “College Graduate After 17 Years” was featured on Bo Sanchez’ Kerygma Magazine last July 2018 on their IT Happened segment.

Adrian is also a certified IELTS and TESOL English Trainer.

As a keynote speaker, his mission is to inspire personal development so that people could have better lives with brighter future against all odds.

Adrian has appeared five times already as a true-to-life drama TV actor for The 700 Club Asia aired over GMA 7.

He is currently taking his Master’s Degree in Educational Management at The National Teachers College.